Chef Paige Brummett

About Paige

Paige’s first love was cooking. She fondly remembers serving Southern comfort food for her father, popping popcorn and stringing it on the Christmas tree for “natural tinsel,” and baking cookies with her mother. From the easy bake oven when she was four to the six-burner stove at their home in Indiana, Paige honed her natural passion for preparing food to include more healthy ingredients and a heaping spoon of love. She cherishes the effects her cooking has had on her family.

Paige’s diagnosis of celiac disease blessed her with the opportunity to delve into and investigate the connection between food and well-being. She explored a variety of dietary philosophies, and she found her own greatest healing not from just a gluten-free diet but also incorporating more organic and raw live foods into her diet. She respects that different dietary regimens serve different people; Paige finds a calling in facilitating individuals to discover their own optimal lifestyle improvements and empowering them to make them happen. Among her variety of services, Paige’s greatest passion is teaching classes and helping people to develop a more intuitive relationship with food.

Paige was certified as a Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Instructor at Raw Gourmet International, and was certified as a Holistic Health Counselor at Creative Health Institute. Since then, Paige has had the pleasure of teaching classes at Karyn’s Raw Bistro, and other raw restaurants in Chicago and Seattle.